Day 17 – The Wheels on the Bus….

Up at 6:30 to pack ready for the long journey up to Canada and grab some breakfast.

The coach was due to pick us up at 8:30 but didn’t arrive until 9:30 but we were finally on our way.

Not long into the journey we stopped on the side of the road as the mirror on the bus was moving, the driver got out did some stuff to it and we were moving again. However after a couple of hours the mirror moved again and we stopped, after meeting up with a few other coaches and the various drivers discussing the issues we drove across the road to a truck storm and after 30 minutes and a 46cent screw we were underway.

We made a few pit stops on the way to the border but mostly we slept.

Eventually at 7pm we crossed the border into Canada, it was pretty busy as today as a Bank Holiday in Canada.

We stopped again for dinner in Canada, some went to Tim Hortons which is pretty much an institution in the Country but having already served several coaches of British Scouts they were running out of food so the rest of us headed to Subway.

Finally the last stretch of the journey and 15 hours later we arrived in Stroud to be met by Chris who we’d met at the Jamboree and was our host for the next 2 days.

The Explorers unpacked and set up mats and sleeping bags on the floor and were soon a sleep!

The leaders were upstairs and hit the sleeping bag too, in had been a long day but we were here at last.


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