Day 2 – New York

So up early at 5:30 so we could sort ourselves out as our bus was due to leave the University at 7:40. We waited around before being called forward for breakfast, just a grab and go box containing a muffin and some Philadelphia Cheese then headed for the bus. We were now on Jamboree time of course so the bus didn’t leave until 8:15 but we all boarded the Yellow School bus and headed into New York.

We were dropped off at Bryant Park just after 9 and walked to the Hudson River where we had booked “The Beast” for a speedboat ride down the river to the Statue of Liberty. We got on the boat at 10:30 and started off with 2 other Units down the river at speed. We arrived at the Statue of Liberty and had time for some photos before we were told to check seatbelts as “it was time to have some fun!” The driver pulled a sharp turn and the wave came over the back of the boat and our Explorers who happened to be sat on the back seat got soaked šŸ¤£. We sped back and the guide in the front managed to empty 6+ buckets of water with a super soaker over the rest of the boat. We arrived back at the pier soaked through but lots of smiles and laughter.

We filled up water bottles as the 35 degree heat meant they were getting a bashing then headed off to Times Square just after mid-day and after a chance to take in the sights we split up to go and find some Dinner. My patrol decided to head to McDonalds but whilst the AirCon was a comfort we were told there we no seats so carried on walking and one of the Explorers spotted a Subway, it was empty and 13 of us piled inside to order, clearly some of the Explorers were Subway aficionados and knew exactly what they wanted especially as we were picking up the bill. We enjoyed the time out of the heat, finished off the meal then grabbed some cookies and started off towards the Empire State Building, meeting Chris and his patrol on the way.

We arrived at the ESB and waited for Gareth after a few exchanges of messages where he said he was in the entrance and we said so were we but it turned out on the opposite sides of the building we headed through security, got our ticket and headed up in the lift. we arrived at the 80th floor in no more than 30 seconds then walked up the last 7 floors with or stairs to reach the top and enjoy the views across the city.

After lots of photos we headed back down and walked to the nearest subway to catch the train towards the ferry. We jumped off the train and walked the last few blocks and arrived at the ferry terminal where we were joined by lots more of the UK Contingent.

Gareth, I and 2 Explorers headed off to Target to buy some food in case we didn’t get to stop on the way. We got back just in time to catch the last ferry across the river then jumped on the coach for the 8 hour journey to our overnight stop.

A short stop on the way ended up being over an hour when we stopped at McDonalds along with at least 6 other coaches of 40 Unit members each needless to say it took a while to be served.

The journey resumed as it started to rain and we went through one of the biggest thunder storms I have ever seen with the lightening lighting up the sky for nearly 2 hours as we drove through the storm. We reached The University of West Virginia at 1:30 and headed for bed, exhausted.


  1. Martyn Harwood

    Great blog of your second day. Good to see Paul, Chris and yourself Alistair all at the Jamboree. You will have lots of fun I am sure. Reading the blog and what you have done in the second day, you will be knackered by the time you come home. The explorers will have a great time with you all in charge I am sure.

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