Day 1 & 2 Travel and arrival in Seoul

Early start to be in Cirencester for pick up at 9am for a taxi down to Heathrow.

Then on for the fist leg of travel to Doha, flight at 3:05.

But first the traditional travel pint of overpriced crap large at the airport, sadly T4 doesn’t have a Spoons 😁

We got held for 30 mins before take off then on our way for 6 1/2 hours.

We arrive in Doha and went through to our new gate, pretty impressive airport with a indoor train.

The first flight there was only a few of us from the UK IST but looks like our next flight was going to be taken over by Scouts, I’ve met a Kenyan IST and Scouts from Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Poland and it wasn’t long before they all started chatting and you start to get that feeling about this is what the Jamboree is all about.

The next flight was set to be a long one 8 1/2 hours, managed to get some broken sleep, but eventually we landed at Incheon in Seoul and headed to immigration, with lots of other Scouts.

Luckily our bags had arrived as well, Rhys’s bag had been clamped, he had to get it searched at customs, luckily a smile and the Scout uniform and he was through.

We caught the subway to the hotel where we all split up to our separate hotels and after checking in an Emily finally getting her room sorted we met up. A fellow IST leaving the hotel mentioned some street food around the corner and showed us the way.

We all grabbed a few bites to eat and had a good wander around.

Then headed back the hotel to catch up on sleep.

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