Day 19 – Niagara Falls

Up for a quick breakfast and we waited for Joe to pick us up at 8 as we were heading to Niagara Falls for the day.

Once we arrived after a 2 1/2 hour journey me and Chris went to buy tickets for the behind the falls tour and a boat trip.

First stop was a 20 minute walk down the road and was a chance to walk behind the Horseshoe Falls in tunnels carved in the rock and get up close to see the power of the falls.

We were all kitted out in fetching yellow ponchos and then went to see what we could see.

Pretty impressive and you get soaked but well worth it.

We then issued everyone with a ticket for the boat ride and they all set off indifferent directions to ear, shop and take the boat trip.

We went to Hard Rock Cafe and grabbed some lunch đŸ˜‹

Before we set off to get the boat trip up into the falls themselves.

An amazing experience whilst not the tallest or biggest falls in the World they send over the most water, it was truly a awesome to see the power of nature!

We left the boat and high tailed it to the coach, the Explorers were delighted we were the last ones and 5 minutes late Chris reminded them that as a good Scout we had to help a little old lady across the road, no idea who that was but sounded very plausible to me.

Back in Stroud we started we were welcomed by Canadians who had prepared a BBQ for us. Their local Commissioner who has been Scouting for 60+ years gave a short speech in the Chapel and presented each of us with a badge.

The BBQ was fantastic, loads of locally grown fresh corn on the cob, burgers and my favourite was the wild deer and duck.

It was great to see the Explorers take the lead and run some games for the Canadian Scouts.

We set about finishing the packing as it was going to be a early start and a very long next day.

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