Day 18 – Georgian Bay

A more relaxed start to the day as due to Joe’s hours (our driver) we could use the coach until gone 11. Not a worry as we cooked up a breakfast and all the Explorers chilled out.

We set off and arrived at the town of Midland around 1ish, eat our packed lunches and had a quick look around before boarding our boat for the afternoon Miss Midland at 2.

Midland is a town at the end of Georgian Bay a huge fresh water Bay of the Great Lake Huron. It contains 30,000+ islands and we spent an enjoyable 2 1/2 hours cruising around these. Some amazing places, some of the larger or even smaller islands have homes on.

Some of the Explorers caught up on sleep!

We even had a visit from the coastguard before returning to port.

We then took a short journey to a local park were we got out the cooker and sorted out some dinner.

Some of the Explorers decided to go for a dip in the lake!

After many of them were wet having not thought about it before diving in and not having a change of clothes what better than a visit to Dairy Queen the I e Cream Shop!

We headed back to Stroud where the Explorers spent the rest of the evening teaching some of the Canadian Scouts who had joined us for the day some card games,

I headed off to the Supermarket with Gareth and Bonnie (one of our Canadian Friends) to get some supplies and then Bonnie and I went to join Chris, Alex, Canadian Chris and his wife Beth in a local bar for a beer and a chance to chat and find out more about the Canadian way of life.

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