Day 20 & 21 – Homeward Bound

So our adventure was coming to an end and another early start at 5:30 meant we were up and packing ready to leave at 7:30, having said goodbye to Canadian Chris and leaving our Jamboree tents behind as a gift to the 1st Stroud Scout Group.

We crossed the border back into the US and journeyed on, most trying to catch up on some sleep on the way.

We had a brief stop on the way then made a longer stop at Stroudsburg in the US! We disembarked for a Wendy’s or a Popeye Chicken.

Eventually we arrived at JFK at 7:30pm and said goodbye to our driver Joe, he’d been great, accommodating and fun, we presented him with a Unit Necker and badge as a thank you.

We managed to get through checking and security without too much trouble and I managed to blag getting our extra bag on without paying.

We were just about to board to be told that they were waiting for another pilot and we sat on the plane 2 hours before we eventually took off and people could sleep.

Eventually back at Heathrow we sorted bags and got on the coach back to Gloucester.

We approached the drop off to an impromptu rendition of Country Roads.

They really must learn the rest of the words!

We were met by lots of excited and enthusiastic parents and we said our goodbyes and thank yous. Sharron, Rachel, Emily and Bex has all come to meet me, it was so lovely to see them and I don’t mind admitting I had a tear in my eye.

Home at last!

The following morning I woke up after 12 hours of straight sleep, woke up had breakfast and had another 3 hours! I was shattered.

So another World Jamboree done! I’ll hope to post some reflections and maybe some more pics in the coming weeks.

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