Day 3 Participants Arrive

Woken up by Nutts ‘Top Gun’ theme tune alarm clock at 6 he had an early shift even if we didn’t. Got up a d had brekkie then off for a shower. The ladies shower has been bust for 2 days so we take it in turns to use the same block 1 hour each. Need to get the timings right đŸ˜‰

Off to work and spent most of the day debt collecting for
Those contingents that still had money to pay. My patrol is now complete with Jane and Josh from the UK, Greg and Mitch from Canada and Rueben from the Netherlands.

After dinner went and said hi to the Gloucestershire contingent who had just arrived the kids are full of it and can’t wait to get stuck in to the Jamboree.

Spent the evening chilling in the Swedish cafe then in the noisy cafe until late. No work o. Thursday so chance to catch up on some sleep. Rain is due I hope not….