Day 7 World Scout Centre

Up at 9:00 and headed to the Irish Food House for a good Irish breakfast and cup of tea.


After this me Nutt, PJ and Lucy headed to the World Scout Centre, this is the area of the Jamboree where each country has it’s own area where it can display things about the country, it’s Scouting and maybe have an activity.

I got to paint a cock in Portugal…


Have some coffee in Columbia….


Play frisbee in the US and meet people from all over the world. Me and Nutt then had lunch in the French Food House.

Back to the IST food hall for dinner then a visit to the Main Tower this is massive scaffold tower with a traditional wooded lashed tower around the outside with great views of the site.


Finished a great day off in the Irish tent with some music.

Work tomorrow but the sun should shine.