Day 3 – Arrival Day

Awake a 7:30 so almost a lie in, then packed and went down to meet the rest of the Unit who ere gathering outside the University Hall. Being sat around isn’t something the Explorers do well so they decided on an impromptu game of volley ball, but Gareth and Chris appeared with a smoothie each they’d bought from over the road.

They headed off en-masse to the smoothie shop!

We then set off to the dining hall for Breakfast and it started to rain. We reached the dining hall soaked. A rather good breakfast of French Bread, bacon and more eggs with a coffee set us up for the journey ahead, luckily much shorted than the day before.

We set off at 10:30 and arrived as the excitement started to build, even a rendition of Country Roads, shame they need to learn all the lyrics…

We reached the Summit Bechtel Reserve at 14:00 after were swiftly booked in and then on our site within the hour, the coach dropping us off close by.

Me and Alex went to the Subcamp HQ to grab Neckers, passes and a quick introduction before arriving at our site B349 that would be our home for the next 12 days.

On arrival someone had started putting our tents up, very kind we thought however the Swiss team who were erecting the tents were doing so for their Unit that was due to arrive at 4am. It turns out the Swiss were on B439 an they’d put ours up by mistake, so much for the Swiss precision 😂. We sent off 6 of our Explorers with them to return the favour and help them out and the rest of us started to set up camp in the rain.

We have a double dining shelter for eating under, needed some persuading with the claw hammer to help it go together, and the cooking area is outside even in the rain. Then the Explorers have a tent between 2, with the red top for Bravo Subcmp and the leaders have a white top but a whole tent each.

We headed for the shop and bought some basics for dinner, pasta bolognese, cooked in the rain.

A quick tidy up and bed, it had been a long day but we were here at last, it was still raining!

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