Day 4 Finnish Sauna

Had the day off today after the 12 hours on the bike yesterday it was good. Woke up to rain so didn’t get up until 10. Missed breakfast so went and saw the contingent for a welcome cup of tea. Had dinner in the food hall see the earlier post today, the restaurant is massive serving 10,000 people 3 times a day so 30,000 servings. Food is ok not your Michelin Star but as good as any camp food. The Finnish sauna opened today and we got persuaded to be one of the first to try it out. Two tents with a massive wood burning stove in the middle and they throw on copious amounts of water raising the temperature to 100C. 3/4 hour later I was well relaxed and must have lost a few pounds in fluids. Certainly worth another visit. 20110728-185715.jpg

It’s the opening ceremony later and it’s stopped raining so looking forward to a great evening.