Day 5 More Rain

Up to start shift at 8 this morning no rain during the night but plenty during the day.

Jobs this morning included allocating tables to all the contingents these should have arrived 3 days ago but hey it is Jamboree time.

The Germans wanted some wood chippings to soak up the mud outside their contingent tent we had to say it would be sorted knowing full well that this means in 3-4 days time.

Our lunch was thrown in the bin! Here they label everything with the date it is made someone saw this as a best before it was only made yesterday, they thought it was out of date and chucked it!

Now sat in the Czech food tent having a beer (non alcoholic) and some toast with meat and cheese and some sausages. Should fill a hole until I get to dinner later.


Still raining though this is the view from the food quarter, lots of mud but the participants are still smiling and making new friends.