Day 9 Primative Scouting

Late shift today, PJ has the day off and Nutts in nights so after breakfast we set off to the most primitive scouting experience spontaneous activity. Run by the Dutch this shows basic camping and backwoodsman skills. Nutt decided to carve a spoon whilst me and PJ learnt bow firelighting.


Headed back for a sauna and shower then Nutt and PJ headed to the local town Kristianstad whilst after lunch I headed for work. Tasks today included checking all the contingent tents were being looked after and I also had to discuss with the Indian contingent about one of their participants going home. The Indian guys talked endlessly over each other I was pulled to one side by the woman leader who seems to know how to organize things but culturally can’t speak up!

After shift I went with some of the guys I work with to the Hungarian food house for a bite to eat. Headed back via the Glossage Rollers to drop off Chris’s laptop I’d been charging. Offered dinner so didn’t want to be rude and accepted. Caught up with what they were up too seems they are all having a fantastic time.

Back to the IST camp to watch a great Danish U2 tribute band.