Day 10 Toughest Day Yet

Day off today. Woke up by Nutt at 7 as he came off the night shift so we all headed for breakfast. PJ set off to work and Nutt went to bed so I chilled out in our camping area. Got some lunch then me and Nutt headed to the beach.

I never knew there would be a beach nearby. Free bus ride from the site takes 10 minutes and there are busses every few minutes. The beach was really busy with loads of participants and IST the sea is no more than chest high for 50m then it’s roped off. Surprisingly it was quite warm, had a paddle then soaked up some rays.


We then headed back met PJ and went for a Finish sauna. Very hot but totally relaxing. Outside the sauna area the Finish have constructed a big bear made of moss.


Dinner then I headed off to work for reception. It was great to just chat to others about life in their countries and how much different even our European are on certain things. Played some games then hit the sack ready for a early start.