Day 20 Science

Today is the last full day of the Science Module, we are open tomorrow morning as a drop session to pick up those who missed it.

We’ve had 45 activities. Ranging from mining including panning for gold, you get to keep what you find, Robotics, Solar Power, Clean Water and do many more.

Participants had to complete at least 2 activities but many chose to do more in each sub camps 3 hour stay with us.

We’ve seen over 24,000 Scouts each one will have learnt something and hopefully they will go away inspired to learn more about Science or at least realise it’s not as boring as they thought.

The activities were run in most cases by Japanese, some by Contingents but assisted by the 150+ IST a true International Service Team.


I’ve knocked up a quick video showing all the activities on offer.

After work we had a presentation to the Japanese and they thanked us for our support.

A quick visit to Wooly Pirates then I went to meet the Unit from Cambridge where my friend  Mark Royle who I worked with at the WSJ in the UK in2007 is Unit Leader. I had dinner with them and caught up on the last 8 years. A flying visit to Avonators then off to dinner.

On the way to dinner we came across this guy, blind and Japanese playing amazing guitar rock music with flame acompanyment.

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