Day 23 Action Tour

We should have slept out in the open more often, other than it was 5:30 it had been a good nights sleep. The sun was rising and we showered and made our way to the dining hall one last time.

We then hung around until everyone was present and boarded the coach. There are 145 of us on the tour mainly British IST but a few Canadians as well.

First stop was Kakgekiyodo Cave, a huge natural cave in the side of the hill, massive but actually disappointing at the same time. We then boarded the bus and visited a viewpoint, showing all the distant mountains, apparently 75% of Japan is hills and mountains hence why so many live in and around Tokyo as it’s the biggest flat area in the Country.

We next visited Akiyoshido Cave and wow! You walk over 1km underground from entrance to exit, every turn you see something from the vast caverns to the enormous rock formations.

All the IST then arrived at the restaurant to be seated and treated to a Bento Box, noodles, fish and meat. Myself and Chris polished ours off but so many left most of it, man up and try the food!!


A final coach trip into Hiroshima and we arrived at the hotel checked in and went to our room. A comfortable bed and Air Conditioning, we literally chilled for a couple of hours before heading to the bar to enjoy a few beers before dinner. An interesting list if what to choose, 2 wines red or white, 4 beers and over 100 whiskys.

Dinner was buffet style, we so much choice, after 2 weeks of camp food it was heaven! Starting with Sushi, then curry, Dim Sum, Octopus, vegetables. If not normally a fan of pudding but went back for another helping.

We then met a few others in the foyer and grabbed a cab into town, it’s Sunday night so rather quiet but we found a restaurant and enjoyed a couple of cold beers before s can back and to sleep in the most comfortable bed in the world under a duvet and not sweating.

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