Day 24 Shrines

Up again at 5:30 I so did not want to get up.

No breakfast we’d been given a bag the night before. We caught the train then the ferry across to Miyajima Island. In Japanese this means the Shrine Island, the whole island itself is considered sacred and is packed with Shito Shrines, the famous Torii Gate often seen in images of Japan sits in the sea. 

We made our way to the Shrine for a good look around before heading up hill to look around Senjokaku Hall a unfinished wooden hall built in 1587. 

We headed down through the town with shops selling tat at every turn but also street food. We saw something that looked like a sausage wrapped in cheese and bacon, but when we bit into it, it was fish probably eel, but surprisingly tasty. After more wandering around we headed for the restaurant with the others to enjoy another traditional Japanese meal but sat on the floor, not very comfortable after 10 mins.

A further wander around them the ferry a strain back to the hotel before catching 2 bullet trains to our hotel.The group has been split, the women and lads under 20 (considered a minor in Japan) are taken to one hotel the men over 20 to another.

The hotel is Ryokon style, you share rooms with 3 others there is reed matting on the floor and you sleep on a footon.

We immediately went to lunch, once again a very traditional old style Japanese meal. Lots of bits and plenty of fish. Some was fantastic some disgusting! 

The other interesting is the communal baths in the basement, you put on your Yakato (a big dressing gown) to walk around the hotel, you head to the baths, strip then enter. You shower then have a choice of baths to enjoy inside a jaquzi and a hot bath and outside a further hot bath.

We enjoyed these for an hour before grabbing a beer from the vending machine and turning in for the night.

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