Day 19 Karaoke Argentina vs UK

Up early as usual and off for breakfast.

Then off to work, after getting all the mornings Scouts on to their activities I took some time to visit all the activities and took some video. I spent a couple of hours shooting and editing, more to come tomorrow.

After work, reflecting on the fact the weather had cooled down in the last couple of days to only 33c we decided a Finish Sauna at 90c was what we needed.

We grabbed dinner then headed into the local town. We found a bar with Karaoke, just one Japanese lady serving a bar fit to burst with IST.

After several we had completed several renditions of S Club 7s Reach for the Stars it was time for others to take a turn.

By 11:00 most of the Brits had left, then a bunch of Argentinians arrived, both sides cooperated in a rendition of Queen’s “We are the Chapions” before enjoying Sake together, and challenging each other in a Sing Off.

A late night but doing our bit for International Relations.

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