Day 4 – Opening Ceremony

Up at 7:00 and it was still raining! Myself, Chris, Gareth and Alex went shopping it wasn’t as manic as the day before so we stocked up for the day and headed back to camp.

Breakfast was cereal pots, surprisingly nice and easy. The explorers then set off to explore the site as it was the first day of activities, good news that after 24 hours the skies cleared and the rain stopped šŸ˜€.

Myself and Chris went off to collect the 3 kit bags we had packed several months ago and had been sent out in advance by the UK, these contained some extra kit that we hoped would be useful to make our life easier for the next 10 days.

We set off with our 2 trollies and made ouer way across the site. it was super busy with Participants every where as they all were starting to get their bearings and explorer the site.

After a nearly 2 mile walk from our site we reached the container and picked up the bags, they were certainly heavier than I remember, we started back and got a chance to see some of the activities in action. This was the small climbing wall we passed on the way back.

Back at camp we continued to set up and sort things out.

An early dinner of Chicken, Rice and Veg meant we could be ready to set off for the Opening Ceremony in plenty of time.

We set off at 6 and started to meet lots of other Units heading in the same direction, we crossed the Consol Energy Bridge and made our way into the Arena, getting onto the BBC Breakfast with Mike Bushell on the way.

Music was playing and 1,000 of Scouts continued to flow in as the Arena filled, “Hi guys are you the Gloucestershire Unit” called a voice, “yes we are”.`It was John May, John started his life in Scouting in Stroud and has taken some major roles in the movement and Duke of Edinburgh amongst others, a top guy and a privilege that he wanted to spend the being with our Scouts to watch the Opening Ceremony which he personally was involved with putting together (more on John and links to his Social media at John May).

The show began as each of the 150+ Countries who are at the Jamboree paraded their flags into the arena.

The show was officially opened and even Bear Gryll’s made an appearance, his usual upbeat and heartfelt message that these Young people can truly make a difference.

As the show drew to a close lights in the distance came on then rose into the sky and we were amazed by a drone show that followed.

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