Day 10 – A walk around the lake

Woke at 6am with a phone call from the UK 😁 not important so went back to sleep for an hour before getting up.

Half the Unit were going offsite rafting today they left and few others went off to take part in the activities.

I decided it was time to do some washing.

Myself and Gareth then went off to explorer, we walked past the small MTB course under the bridge.

Then went to the viewpoint overlooking the lake

And below one of the zip line.

We walked down to the fishing where they are teaching 100’s of Scouts a day how to fish.

They also have Red Necked Turtles

We walked on round

we saw themTeam Stand Paadle Boarding, Inflatable Challenge

And saw the Brownsea Island reconstruction

We walked past Boulder Cove

And then decided to catch one of the shuttle busses that go out to the more remote activities

First tsp was the Ropes, this the area with a high ropes course and obstacles in the tress, similar to Go Ape

We then went up to Low Gear this is the Mountain Biking Area, they have over 30 miles of trails in the woods some pretty easy and some very intense.

We caught he bus back down and went to explorer the Science area that was located in the woods nearby.

They have “fox hunting” looking for small items hidden in the woods using radio detection finding

Chemistry lessons, mixing compounds together to create a plastic hat is used to mould a Woggle

Physics, marble tracks made out of pipe lagging

NASA, explaining Space Exploration, a very high proportion of Astronauts have been Eagle Scouts including Neil Armstrong

And I got a chance to hear a guys speak who is an Eagle Scout himself and worked on the Apollo 11, 12 and 13 missions.

Learnt some things about bears

After dinner where we presented one of the Explorers with his 200 nights away badge, a massive achievement.

Then we headed down to our Friends in Unit 12 who were hosting a party on the way stopped to watch the dodge ball game that was taking place in one of the many “rings” dotted around site

The Essex Leaders had gone all out on the fancy dress…

Then off to bed hoping for an early nights as the plan was to go shooting in the morning.

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