Day 9 – Exploring World Point

Breakfast as usual, although we are finding that we are struggling to get some basic food supplies like bread and milk. It turns out that the US have based the food their National Jamboree and of course didn’t take into account that the UK and a lot of the Europeans do not live on Egg and Sausage for breakfast, we want cereals and milk!

Every morning and evening we get a visit from Adam, Adam is our Camp Commisiomer, he is a UK IST member based here in B3 and is responsible for 5 Units, the 2 British ones and ones from Denmark, Lebanon and Taiwan, he’s a great guy and has worked hard for us especially to help out with some of the dietary requirements we have.

One of the Explorers has brought his guitar with him and this has been shared around those who can play.

Myself, Gareth and Chris set of to explore, we found a track that goes under the Consol Bridge.

We walked through the GDV stopped to listed to a group drumming

and went to World Point, this is the area of the Jamboree where every Country has a tent or area to showcase their Country, Culture and Scouting.

We visited Canada, Chile (to reminisce about the 1998/1999 World Jamboree which was my first WSJ experience) the Netherlands

Eygpt to do some Hieroglyphics

Columbia for some coffee

and watched a demonstration of Mexican dancing on the stage.

We then went to see Kat at the UKC Tent, Kat is one of my Scouting friends from Avon and is part of the UKC Support Team, she’s been having a tough time with lack of sleep, busy days and it was great to see her and sit in the shade for 30 mins and chat.

We ended up in the German food house for lunch, Pork with Salad and Coleslaw in a roll.

Meanwhile back at camp the Explorers had used a tarp and the storage cage to create a pool.

Before Dinner myself and Alex took the Unit down to the nearest Ice Cream and Lemonade stand as a treat, some of teh Explorers stopped off at the charging point on their way back.

In the evening after dinner myself and Alex went for a wander up to see Kat, one of the Gloucestershire IST who is working on Basecamp A, I got chatting to some of her work mates from Belgium the Netherlands and the US, we swapped stories and some badges, I even heard about the history of SPAM from the American, meanwhile the Brits and Dutch sang Monty Python n the background.

We then walked down through site and managed to see a group playing chicken with a ten peg.

and the Unit from Trinidad and Tobago doing some drumming.

Popped in to see The Essex Unit 12 to find out how they are doing and then finally early to bed.

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