Day 13 – Closing Ceremony

So today was our last day at the Jamboree, after breakfast we sent the Explorers off to do any last minute activities they wanted and we started to tidy up and pack away camp.

We had agreed to meet them all for lunch at one of the food outlets so made our way across site, people still trading and being busy even with only a few hours left of the Jamboree.

After lunch we downed Uniform for a Whole Unit Photo by the lake.

Back at camp and avoiding the storms, although I think Gareth was trying to get hit by lightening at this stage…

Adam came to visit for his last time and we made him an official member of the Unit in recognition of all his support over the last 12 days.

It was time then to head off to the Closing Ceremony.

Thousands of Scouts ready for the final show, a storm passed over and the heavens opened so everything was delayed an hour and finally the show started with the closing remarks from the Scouts Secretary General and some inspirational words from ex UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

After some great music from a capella group Pentatonix we finished off with an amazing show of Fireworks, Lasers and our Novus devices.

After the show I headed up to the UK Food House with a couple of Explorers to grab our trolley with our lunch for tomorrow’s journey.

The Jamboree was over but we still had a week to go…

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