Day 14 – Goodbye Jamboree, Hello Washington

So we were up at 5am as we had to completely clear site and we were due to leave at 7:45. Chris and Gareth had already cleared a lot of the site and taken some tents down yesterday whilst the rest of us had gone to the UK. The Explorers had spent the night 4 to a tent.

Everyone worked really hard and the camp came down and the site was cleared quickly.

We left site at about 8:15 and within a few minutes most of the coach was asleep. 3 hours later I woke up and we were still surrounded by forest but a quick rest stop and we were on our way again.

We arrived at teh University of Maryland about 3:45 and were quickly checked in an found our rooms, we ares taking in La Plata Hall.

We then walked over to Target (shop) to get some washing powder and few essentials taking in the sites of this huge University Campus on the way.

The site is huge 5.4km2 and easily 40 mins walk top to bottom.

When we got back we headed into the restaurant for Dinner, lots of choice and lots of salad, i don’t think i have ever seen so many teenagers excited over lettuce, tomatoes and carrot before.

Even the pudding had vegetables in it!

It was Justins Birthday, he is one of the Leaders with Unit 82, Double Blue that is made up of 1 group of 10 from Gloucestershire 9 Explorers and Matt a Gloucestershire Leader and 30 from Shropshire. They had ordered a Uber and me Chris and Alex, leaving Gareth at the University went to have a beer and celebrate in a local sports bar.

Screens everywhere showing all the American sports you could imagine and more.

We were joined by 3 of the Essex Leaders who were all staying near by.

A good night and a time to relax before heading back for bed.

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