Day 15 – Exploring Washington DC

Woken up by Chris banging on my door, he suggested I go and grab breakfast but I must have fallen back asleep as 30 minutes later he was there again and it was me to go.

We all met outside then set off on the 30 minute walk to the local Metro station.

The Explorers went off and we headed for the Whitehouse, before exploring the other sites of the Washington Monument, The World War 2 Memorial, The Lakes and Lincoln Monument and the Vietnam War Memorial.

After checking the Explorers off at lunchtime we headed down towards the Capitol Building to head to the the National Air & Space Museum.

On the way we passed loads of food trucks and Ice Cream vans doing very good business in the hot weather.

A short queue and we were inside the cool often museum, it was very busy with lots of British Scouts but is was great to see some iconic exhibits including The Wright Brothers Plane and Neil Armstrong’s Space suit that he walked on the moon in.

We then headed back to the University and dinner before going to the Tri-Nations Party. This was an event being held by the UK Contingent for all 4,000 participants and leaders. There were loads of activities for them to do and a large disco, no dad dancing for me though I lefty them to it…

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