Day 8 Hiroshima

An early start this morning, alarm going off at 5:30, no sign of Chris! Grabbed a shower and messaged Chris, in he walked he’d been up all night!!

Packing as quickly as we could we headed to check out and the UK team batched us up in our train times ready to make our way to the station.


Waiting at he station our Shinansen (bullet train) arrived, the doors opened and we had 90 seconds to board 300 IST, before the train left precisely at 7:47.
4 hours later we arrived at Hiroshima station and took a coach to the Peace Memorial Museum to learn about the Atomic Bomb dropped 70 years ago, to see some relics and reflect on the tragedy of war.

We then explorerd the PeaceMemorial Park, a number of come erratics monuments and the iconic image of the dome on the building just a few meters from the centre of the explosion. Time to reflect on the 150,000 people who lost their lives that day and in the following months.


We laid our peace cranes as asymbol of hope for World Peace.

Hiroshima was rebuilt and is now a thriving city, we took time to explorer, of course visit the 7 Eleven and grabbed an ice cream.

Back on the coach a 2 hour drive to site, finally we had arrived at Kirara-hama  for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree, we booked in and after an hour or so in a queue we got our tent.

We made our way in the dark to our area to erect the tent Scarfell Pike E. The site we are on is a number of hardcore hockey pitches, a mix of sand and gravel, bring on 2 weeks in the dust, fond memories of the Jamboree in the dust in Chile and Thailand.

Finally off to the staff restaurant to grab dinner at 11:00 before turning in in the hot and humid night.

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