Day 5 – Gateway & Gadgets

Getting used to these 7 o’clock starts as the camp starts to wake up. It was another cold night and the cloud was low across the subcamp.

We went shopping agin with a couple of the Explorers fo our days supplies.

The shop is a rather large tent that looks after all of BaseCamp B. You walk around the shop picking up what you need and scanning it with a App. Everything is on pallets on the floor and a lot of the food is unfamiliar or how to prepare it or use it for a meal takes some thinking about.

The cold food is kept in a cold room with a door on the side, you open the door and help yourself, this is restocked by the IST who are working in the cold room, interesting job to have volunteered for!

Back at camp the foods either put in our cool box or one of the packing cubes we have thats become our pantry.

The Explorers the set about cooking breakfast for the Unit, this morning was cooked, sausage patties, eggy bread and beans, not bad at all.

The Explorers set off for their days activities and we set about finalising the camp to make our life easy.

Chris started work on the gateway, if anyone has ever seen Chris lash (not on the lash 🍻 😄) will know he has very high standards, so I left him to it.

In the meantime I started with the gaff tape, permanent marker and cable ties, essential supplies for any camp.

After several cups off coffee and Powerade Chris had finished, a work of art, flags, banner and fairy lights.

So we can track where the Explorers are we also have a peg in and peg out pole, the Explorers move their peg when the leave and enter camp, each peg has their number on it, for night time there is even a solar light!

Myself and Alex then went off to start exploring. A quick visit the the shop to buy some badges.

No sure about the tartan Neckers though, or maybe a present idea for Sharron….

We then went to the Sustainability Treehouse, made from local sustainable resources and providing information about the importance of being sustainable is.

A beautiful sunset to finish the day but as i went to bed it was like a Disco inside as the fairy lights from Chris’s gateway flashed away.

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