Day 6 – Exploring & Basecamp Bash

The Explorers were keen to get up early this morning as they wanted to head to the activities before the queues started to form. So a quick cereal breakfast and they were out.

Myself, Alex and Chris decided to go out Exploring so headed off to see what we could find.

Heading over the Consol Energy Bridge that connects Basecamp A&B with the main centre part of the Jamboree Site.

This has become a hub for the Scouts badge trading and just chilling out.

We looked around one of the high adventure areas that has the skateboarding and BMX’s.

One of the things we have all been issued with is a Novus Wristband, these are worn by all the Scouts, Leaders and IST and can be used to collect point towards virtual badges and check in at activities, also around site there are Novus’s that you can seek out.

Being a seasoned Geocacher Chris set of on his mission to get as many as possible.

We headed off into the Global Development Village or GDV, this is an area of the Jamboree with activities and information to help the Scouts become informed and also start to think about global issues and how they can influence them.

We learnt about Democracy and equality with the Swedes and recycling with the Germans.

It was lunch time, so as we were close to the International Foodhouses, this is an area of the Jamboree where many Countries have set up an area serving traditional food from their Country, so Chile, Brazil, Holland, Germany and we opted for Portugal today.

A very tasty Francesinha a traditional dish from Porto, essentially a meat sandwich covered in cheese and a sauce.

Oh and a 0% Beer!

We then went into the knife skills workshop, not the usual bushcraft knife though but a kitchen knife, chef skills with an enthusiastic Italian.

And a potato swan 10 minutes later, with fingers and thumbs still intact!

We briefly met up with Kat and Ellie 2 of our Counties ISt then headed back for Dinner, a really nice Chicken wrap, no pics sorry.

Then it was off to the Basecamp Bash for Basecamp A&B, a stage with music and entertainment as the sun went down.

And of course a rendition of Country Roads.

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