Day 7 – Culture Day and Unity Show

Friday was a later start as it’s culture Day and there are no activities being run today. It was Patrol’s D Duty day so they started breakfast.

We have 4 Patrols of 9 Scouts each including 2 Patrol Leaders. Each Patrol takes a day being the duty patrol, this involves them deciding the meals for the day, shopping, washing up and keeping the camp clean and tidy. The Patrol Leaders are doing an excellent job, it’s interesting to hear from them the challenges they have in getting their Patrol members and peers to do stuff, welcome to my world 🌎.

The sun was out and it was time to get the paddling pool out as well, it didn’t take long for the Scouts to get wet…

The toilet/shower blocks on site are split Adult Male, Adult Female, Youth Male and Youth Female. Certainly in the Adult Male block each toilet cubicle has a curtain on the front, not a locking door akin to a shower curtain. Chris has been interrupted several times, I won’t go into any more detail…. but being a practical cap he has come up with a solution and designed an engaged sign. The Scouts decided he needed a design on the flag and a short completion was run and a winner chosen.

so far a success

After dinner the scouts built a slip and slid out the back of camp.

The Scouts then headed out to explorer some culture from the other Units in our Subcamp…

after dinner we walked over to the main Arena for the Unity Show.

This was part reflection and sharing of cultures ending with a virtual campfire on our Novus wrisbands.

and part Broadway Sings Disney!

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