Day 8 – Mount Jack

Today was Mount Jack, this is a onsite activity at the top of Mount Jack.

after breakfast and filling up with Powerade we set off.

The hole to the top was about 3 miles and took us about an hour, luckily most of the trail was in the woods as the whole B Basecamp of almost 10,000 Scouts headed up.

Once at the top the Scouts chilled out before Exploring.

We first of all had a look around the set up showing off the first camp held by the Boy Scouts of America at Silver Bay

And then at the pioneering… had a quick game of Noughts and crosses but timed against the Swedish IST and using a pioneered crane.

After lunch we went to see the Frontier Village.

and met Rich from the IST who is working on the Black Powder shooting range.

We set off back down the hill and met some of the National Guard that are working at the Jamboree, doing mainly the medical transportation and some additional safety.

After dinner we set off for a Ice Cream reception for the Unit Leaders in our Subcamp on te way it ws good to see some of the Scouts enjoying a Rugby 7s game with some of the other nearby Units.

And then Ice Cream 😋

We visited Unit 12 from Essex to catch up, we seem to be fairing much better then them in the injury takes where they’ve had almost double figures in the First Aid and Hospital.

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