Day 4 The Big Buddha

Fiona played mum and went and bought some breakfast whilst the rest of us got up.

Chris was designated Tour Guide for today having researched it the night before, so we set off in the rain to see the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

We caught the MTR to Tung Chung then walked over to the Cable Car terminal via a quick coffee in Starbucks.


Buying tickets the seller said “it’s a bit windy today”, no problem I thought, we qued for an hour typically British then boarded. Yes I can confirm it was windy, the route of 5.7km saw the car waving left to right all the way, the ventilation slots in the side felt like a typhoon was blowing through them. Eventually suitably sea sick we arrived at the Ngong Ping village, well not really a village more a tourist trap of overpriced eateries and shops selling tat. We succumbed to one of the overpriced eateries for lunch then headed out to the Po Lin Monastery, we looked around then headed up the 248 steps to see the Big Buddha, clearly the steps are for short people as they were hard work!


We then headed back down, luckily the weather had improved and the wind had died down the cloud had gone and we could see.

We caught the MTR back along with the entire population of Hong Kong.


 Back to the apartment for a quick turnaround then back out into Temple Street to find street restaurant for food a beer then headed back for an early night, Chris and Nutt on the other hand stayed out for a massage….



  1. Tammy B

    Wassup, grumpynutt? Hope your massage cheered you up… đŸ˜€

    I’m enjoying reading your blog Ali, looking forward to reading about your adventures in Japan.

    PS there’s a virtual cache at the top of the Buddha you can all nab too (GC251B)

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