Day 6 Gadgets and Gods

We left the appartment mid morning after a reasonable nights sleep, 3 footons was semi comfortable, and headed to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, our home for the next 2 days.

There were loads of Brit IST coming and going as we made our way to get checked in, we dropped off our bags and headed off to explorer.

Jumping on the train our first stop was Akihabara, The Electric City, were the streets are wall to wall tech, shops selling computers, cameras gadgets, down to those selling individual components. We stopped off and tried out the Virtual Reality Rollercoaster, you look at a screen with special glasses on and headphones, it looks and feel like you are on a Rollercoaster as it twists and turns through a virtual city, bizarrely you twist and turn with it as everyone around watches laughs at you as you nearly fall over.

Back on the train and off to Meiji-jingu, a Shinto Shrine in the woods in the middle of Tokyo, as you approach the paths are surrounded by offererings, 100’s of brightly decorated casks of Saki lead the way. After washing your hands and mouth to cleanse yourself you enter the peace and tranquility of the Shrine, we approached the main Shrine and you pay your respects by throwing some coins, bowing and clapping your hands.

We headed back to the hotel freshened up and then myself, Chris and Nutt headed of to Tokyo stop on the train, we walked for a few minutes before deciding where we wanted to eat. We ordered having got the hang of the way the Japanese serve meals, you order a few dishes then share the dishes come out as they are ready. Tonight a mix of meat, fish and noodles.

 We headed back to Shinagawa grabbed a beer them met up with some more UK IST and tried our first Saki of the trip.

Then back to the hotel and up to the bar on the 37th floor a beer and to admire the view. 

Our final destination for the night was back to a bar in the city to catch up with more Brits before heading back, yet another late night, but a great days exploring done.

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