Day 9 IST opening

Awake at 5:30 this morning with the wind blowing a gale, there is a tropical stir on the way apparently.

Showered we headed down for breakfast along with the other 5,000 IST.


After breakfast and picking up our lunch we made our way to the done for our first IST training session. We were thanked for our time and efforts in making the Jamboree possible and a life changing event for 30,000 young people.

We picked up our official IST necker and a t-shirt and headed off to learn more about our jobs. Myself and Chris are on the Science Module so went to learn more. It seems a little disorganised at this stage but we choose what we wanted to do and would hear tomorrow, I’ve asked for The Future of Photography with Canon.

We headed back to the main site four the new on site supermarket, bout some ice cream and so string and went to eat our packed lunch.

Back to site we grabbed some dirty washing and headed to the washing area to do some cleaning. Our improvised line was strung out with pants a plenty.


Some free time to find some shade and relax before dinner. It was time for the official opening ceremony for the IST in the dome. Some traditional Japanese music was followed by learning the Jamboree song and the lives to accompany it, corny but fun!

Met up with Nutt in the restaurant to catch up then off for a shower and bed.

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