Day 10 Water water….

Well the winds didn’t show but the rainceratinly did! 5:30 this morningChris called cross to me, I opened the door to my part of the tent and the floor was an inch deep in water and it was still raining!  

We got up and went for a shower as the rain started to die off, we quedd again for breakfast, sat down eating away we saw our friend Simon, had he heard about the IST camp we asked, Simon is at the Jamboree as part of WOSM, this is the World Scouting Orgainsation, and he is sleeping on a different part of the camp. Come up by me he said!

We deliberated this and decided to recce out the site on our way to work, it was indeed a lovely site, sea view, sea breeze and some shade, we decided we would move as soon as we could after work.

I got to the Science Module, my name was down for the photography with Canon, but they said none of the corpote sponsors were on site today, come back tomorrow. We offered to help and arrived some kit for half an hour before we were told we were done and could leave.

I looked around for something to do and approached the team Chris was working with, he was on a robotics base being run by the Canadian Contingent. I offered towels androunded up a few more volunteers. I spent the rest of the day moving stuff around and getting the robots up and running, there are smLl robots maybe 20cm x 10cm on tracks with various sensors attached. the Scouts will need to devise a program to contro the roots over a course testing materials on the way.

During the day walking across the site the Japanese Contingent had started to arrive but the site was still bare.

3:30 we were done and me and Chris set of to move out tent and kit, several trips later we were in and set up.

We decided to get in the sea at the nearby beach and enjoyed a swim in the warm water.

Next stop dinner then back to our new site, Simon stopped us on the way, we had pitched next to his tent, great we thought, however we were in trouble and had also pitched next to the UK Commisioners! OK we would move, but they guys came over and said we could stay, we are still undecided if we should move again, but not tonight!

Time to update the log then off to bed!


  1. Andrew Kirk

    Al-looks like the extensive wet weather training in Stroud will pay dividends.Looking on the bright side….excuse the pun….you should get your rice growing badge!
    See you soon
    Capt K

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