Day 11 Arrivals Day

Up early in our new home, best nights sleep so far so looks like a good decision, we are still undecided to move or not, if Nutt moves we will move.

After a shower off to get breakfast, a 2 hour queue! They are letting participants in who have just arrived so hopefully a one off!

Bought these on he way..

They appear to be freeze dried peas, actually they turn out to be like pea wotsits and quite nice.

I got to the Science module to find that Canon had still not arrived and maybe they will be here tomorrow??

So I set about doing some jobs, signs to be altered, 3000 maps to be changed, we suggested the best way to do this but we had to find the most inefficient way to keep everyone busy. 

After lunch the task was to erect some shade, we had 10 sticks of bamboo, 3 10m X 10m tarps and some rope. Several suggestions, a Brit, a Dutchman, a Canadian and a marker and some cardboard came up with some ideas…

Keeping an eye on Twitter, WiFi is now in a good part of the Jamboree, I knew the Glocestershire Unit, Unit 24 The Wooly Pirates, we’re not far away. I met them off the bus and ran over to the supermarket and cleared them out of 40 ice creams.

Off with them to find their camp they are on Chocking, named after a mountain in Japan.

They started to put up tents and we were joined by some Cornish IST who knew Andy the leader of the 9 Cornish Scouts who are with the guys fromGloucestershire.

Once they were on the way I made my way down to the staff restaurant for dinner.

I then meet Chris and Nutt we visited the food houses, an area of the Jamboree where countries gave an opportunity to showcase their cuisine and sell this to everyone at the Jamboree.

Finally off to shower and bed, hopefully for an early night.

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