Day 12 Opening Ceremony

Up and off to breakfast before heading to the Science Module, finally met someone from Canon but guess what…”come back tomorrow”.

So I helped out in the HQ with some admin, it appears that the Japanese guy in charge of Dvience was told by his employer 2 days ago that he had to go back to work immediately so he is no longer at the Jamboree. So the Brits, Germans and Dutch have taken on running the module.

I went to get some extension cables so we could all charge our phones, on the way I popped in to the Wooly Pirates, one of them made me a cup of tea, they were stating to settle in. All the participants are now here and the site looks very different.

After lunch some more jobs I met Chris and we popped into the restaurant next to Jamboree for noodles and rice for dinner oh and a cheeky beer.

On the way back from the restaurant we were treated to a display by the Japanese Air Force.

Back to the tent, a quick swim and shower then we joined the rest of the UK IST to walk to the opening ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony was a chance for Japan to showcase their culture, lots of traditional music before all the flags of the Countries taking part, over 150, were paraded. Finally the Jamboree was officially handed over from Sweden to Japan.
We then went over to the Wooly Pirates to see them. They hadn’t got back from the Ceremony so we waited, finally Geoff arrived looking tired with a faint Scout in tow. “Could we get the tea” he asked it was 9:00 and they left at 5:00.

No one seemed to know what dinner was but lots of ingredients lying around, we came up with a concoction of pasta, potatoes, carrots and pork wrapped in cabbage. Not exactly Michelin Star cuisine but edible. Chris then showed the duty patrol how to wash up.

We then headed down to the food houses with Rish to treat her to a Coke and Pizza before heading to bed.

I don’t if its dehydration or the heat but I’m having really strange dreams every night, tonight’s involved me sleeping on the pavement in Tokyo???


  1. Martyn Harwood

    Glad you arrived safely at the Jamboree. I am sure the dreams will improve! Have a great time. The steak and chips will seem all the better when you get one!

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