Day 13 First day at work

Up and breakfast then off to the Science Module. Canon have arrived, the future of photography is no more than a over engineered way for the participants to have a group photo taken. 

We started off with. 5 IST but 2 disappeared leaving myself, Bjorn from Sweden and Scott from the UK. Bjorn gathers together The Scouts onto a set of steps the a Japanese photographs we call Tak takes photo. He gives the SD Card to another Japanese person who then takes it into an air conditioned hut where they give the card to someone else who starts printing the photos. They then take  20 tickets with a number on, count them out and give them to me. I give them to the Scouts and explain they can come back in 20 mins to collect their photos. I then direct them to Scott who shows them some posters about Canon.

We are allowed to open the door to the hut to talk to the Japanese but are not allowed in except at lunchtime.

When the Scouts come back they queue up to collect photos, this seems to be a free for all amongst the Japanese to do this but everything is double counted.

We have made some suggestions to help improve things but they are happy the way they are doing it works. It appears that in Japanese Society that they cannot change anything without everyone agreeing, hence decisions can take a long time.

A very hot day on the 36c heat with no shade! I met Scouts from Kenya, Australia, Egypt, Afghanistan all said it was too hot for them!

At 5 we packed up I met Chris and went for dinner, no queue 😀!

We headed back to the tent, we had an eviction notice stuck to the door along with all the other tents…

We completely ignored this and went for a swim. There are now lifeguards on the beach do we can swim without being asked to get out by the safety team.

The time for s Finish Sauna, it is traditional at the Jamboree that the Finish bring along and build a Sauna. We had half an hour in a tent with every part of your body sweating but very different from the sweating in the day.

A shower and some more clothes washing before heading down to the Food Arena to meet up with friends, then off to bed, this is coolest night so far so I hope to get a good nights sleep.

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