Day 14 Day off

Every module at the Jamboree closes for one day and today was the turn of Science.

With a lie in until 8, this is when the tent gets so hot you can’t stay in it we were up and showered, breakfast before deciding to look in the Scout shop, with rumours of 5 hour queues we decided to give it 30 mins and see how we got on. We got in a queue for a ticket that would let us queue for the shop! After 30 mins they let us in, we looked around and bought some stuff.

We then popped into the supermarket and bought some crackers, cheeses and ham to bolster our lunch. Sat by the sea in a shelter from the sun.

Part of my lunch was “Oh!”, a lump of processed meat.

One leisurely lunch later we set off for the World Scout Centre, this is an area of the Jamboree where every country can showcase Scouting in thEurope Country, we had a good look around and also found out about the next Jamboree in 4 years time being hosted in the US and billed as the North America Jamboree with Canada the USA and Mexico organising the Jamboree.


We then went to see the Wooly Pirates and catch up with their Jamboree adventures and grab a cup of tea before heading over to see our friends Rich and Kat who are leaders of the Avonators from Avon.

Heading back for dinner was a pretty impressive sunset.

We then stumbled on the Yamaguchi Jamboree Festival, lots of displays being put on by groups in the local town.

 Dinner was a hit, a Bento box, a selection of small foods to try.


Back at our tent our eviction notice had been upgraded with a very grumpy message! We went to try and sort but in true Jamboree style nobody knew about it or who to talk to!

One the way we saw a Takuni, a local animal, shrouded in folklore and lucky to those who see them!

We caught up with the group next to us before heading to bed. 

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