Day 15 back to work

Up and changed and went to see the guys who want us to move our tent. The guy in charge is Robert a Dutch guy who I worked with in Sweden, like most Dutch he was pretty relaxed about it but it appears his boss is a Brit and a bit more stressed about us! Wait and see…

Breakfast then off to the Science module. Things are finding their feet and starting to go more smoothly. Only myself and Scott with Canon this morning but we are starting to work as a team, they are starting to trust us and we are now allowed in the Air Conditioned cabin.

Lots of groups coming through.image
and the Wooly Pirates showed up as well, with Rachel even agreeing to have her photo taken.

Lovely pic of Rachel no idea why I have my mouth open!

In the afternoon I worked in the HQ, helping with breifing the Scouts as they arrive, answering questions and stamping their book. The Scours need to do 2 activities to get a stamp, once they have stamps from all the modules the complete at the Jamboree they get a friendship award.

After work I met Chris, Nutt and Anne, we went offsite and enjoyed a beer.

Then on to the staff restaurant to grab dinner, back to the usual dinner of rice, something meaty, shredded cabbage and fruit.

Passing through the food houses we grabbed a sausage with ketchup a great way to finish food for the evening. 
We chilled out by our tent watching the moon on the sea before turning in for the night.

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