Day 16 Yamaguchi

Up early so we could get breakfast then catch a shuttle bus to get us to Yamaguchi, the largest city in the prefecture (region).

We got breakfast then found out the bus wasn’t running. Today is Culture Day so no program and therefore no work.

We walked into Ajisu the local town where we caught a train to Yamaguchi Shin.

After missing the connection we visited the 7 Eleven, Chris bought something to brighten up his morning.

Then the train to Yamaguchi we wanted to visit the Rurikoji Temple Pagoda, but for the second time of the day we had just missed the connecting bus. So we grabbed a cab only £1 extra and got dropped at the door!

The Pagoda is amazing built in 1442 by the brother of the local warrior king who was killed in battle. 5 storeys high and built to survive earthquakes, so effective that key parts of the design were used in the Skytree in Tokyo.

We then took the bus back in to the city and walked through the air conditioned mall. After getting bored of the shops we found an amusement arcade and took part in several games on Japanese arcade games with no idea of what to do!

Next a restaurant for food, no English menus and a very broken English host we looked at the pictures and pointed.

Four bowls of Noodles in Fish Soup arrived with rice and meat, would not have been my first choice but when you’re hungry.

We then caught the train back to Ajisu, and walked back to site.

Heading up to Wooly Pirates, lots of Scouts were starting to make their way into the arena  for the cultural day show. The Wooly Pirates were chilling waiting to head to the arena and departed shortly afterwards, we stayed behind with Rish and one of the poorly Scouts and watched the show.

Acrobatics in the sky started the show, followed by music, dance and messages from the Japanese Crown Prince and the Japanese Prime Minister.

After the show we headed down to dinner, enjoyed some pancakes at the Dutch Food House and headed back home for bed.

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