Day 17 Culture & GDV

Rest day today, I’ve been suffering from swollen ankles so was told to take it easy and Chris had the day off.

We got up late and had breakfast before setting off to do some washing and shower.

Lunch then off to explore the Culture Module, lots of countries showing off their culture. The Dutch had clogs, the Norwegians cross country skiing plus lots of crafts and dancing. Alternative Japanese medicine.

Drums, make a wish beat the drum and the gods will grant it.

Next stop GDV the Global Decelopment Village, lots of bases challenging global issues, the environment, child labour, populations, wealth and many more. Some thought provoking bases.

 Using the heat of the sun ins solar cooker. 
Next stop the Wooly Pirates a surprise organised by the Patrol Leaders to give the 4 leaders a night off. I had booked the Finish Sauna for 5:30 so we set them on their way to enjoy.

We set about getting them to cook dinner, fried vegetables in tomato sauce with rice and cabbage parcels with meat inside.

They did well and whilst the Scouts messed around in good spirits Chris organized the tidy up team.

We stayed until 10 when the leaders arrived back refreshed and rejuvinated.

We stopped off at the food tents for a snack before turning in.

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